“At Fresh Air Fitness Boot Camp Gold Coast, You are Guaranteed to Melt Fat, Tone Up, and Feel Amazing, or We Pay you Back”

Finally, a Fun Way to Lose Weight and Get Your Sexy Back, Without Starving Yourself!

At fresh Air Fitness You can choose from either a 6 Week Body Blitz or a 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

Our 6 Week Body Blitz is great for those who just want drop that stubborn last 5 kgs of fat, or those who want to tone up and get fit in a short space of time.

However, if you’re serious about losing weight, sick of feeling like crap day after day and want to feel better about yourself again then, the 12 Week Body Transformation is for you.

Our 12 Week Challenge is a complete lifestyle change, and it’s addictive. Be warned though, most of my clients have so much fun in the 12 weeks that they sign up again and again. What generally started as a weight loss goal turns into a fun, fitness and well-being goal.

Not only will you be bouncing off the walls with renewed energy, you’ll also improve your self-esteem, tighten your butt, get a sexy flat stomach and tone up your arms and thighs.

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